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A true love of winning is the defining character trait of BETA Healthcare Group’s (BETA) director of litigation, Marty Lockwood. No doubt, that’s one reason why BETA members enjoy such a tremendous record of success when it comes to resolving everything from million-dollar cases to smaller claims.

An all-star wrestler in his youth and an alternate for the XXI Olympic Games in Montreal, Marty knows first-hand the importance of thinking and preparing before you enter the ring—or stepping up to the negotiating table. “Competitive sports and the law have a lot of parallels. That’s what drew me to the profession, and what keeps me engaged and excited after more than two decades in the field.”

With a deep understanding of healthcare professional liability issues honed during his 25+ years at BETA, Marty takes the lead in resolving high severity cases our members may face. Not surprisingly, Marty views the process of resolving a major lawsuit as a team effort between the member or insured, BETA and select attorneys.

While litigation is deemed by most to be contentious (and costly), Marty and the Claims team take a broader, big picture view of the process. It’s this perspective that provides BETA and its members with the ultimate advantage. “Our job is to resolve issues to ensure that all patients receive the best care in a safe environment.” That objective is the driving force behind the cooperative.

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