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Expertise is vital in the world of information technology. Tracking today’s rapid technology advances and determining when and how to adopt new offerings is the responsibility of BETA Healthcare Group’s (BETA’s) Audrey Kauffman.

Equally as critical as the selection and integration of new technology is BETA’s strategy of how to transform information into knowledge. That’s a key focus of Audrey’s role as Chief Information Officer—and a true advantage that BETA gains from her work. With a 24-year tenure at BETA, Audrey has spearheaded the organization’s transformation from mainframe and DOS-based computing to today’s web-enabled, wireless workplace.

“A tremendous part of what every IT team focuses on is managing change—because everyone knows how disruptive a new application, a new device, a new way of working can be. The selection of what technology to invest in is just a fraction of what we do.”

The interchange between Audrey’s team and BETA’s underwriting, risk management and claims departments has led to a transformation in the way the organization leverages information. Through diligent coding and tracking, the IT team has helped the organization identify key member exposures that may be creating heightened risk. “IT professionals tend to gravitate to one of two camps—those who thrive on technology for technology’s sake, and those who aspire to leverage technology to achieve business objectives. I’m in the second camp.”

With Audrey’s experience in various areas of BETA, from claims investigation to underwriting to information technology, her understanding of the organization’s business and the challenges members and insureds face factor into the way she evaluates solutions and moves forward with implementation. In the past year, under her leadership, her department has integrated new virtual servers, firewalls and SANs to enhance BETA’s data storage and disaster recovery capabilities, enhanced BETA’s website to work seamlessly on mobile devices, and began the start of a massive two-year project to revitalize BETA’s claims and policy management system from a legacy platform to a new application based on the latest technologies. Named “CURIS” to reflect its function as BETA’s new claims, underwriting and risk information system, this database development project is the largest systems undertaking embraced by BETA to date.

What’s ahead in 2015 and 2016? Major organization-wide upgrades—including extensive quality assurance testing—of new hardware and software. When she’s not deep in database design and talking to colleagues about IT trends, Audrey can be found center stage with her award-winning jazz a cappella group, Ro Sham Bo. Whether onstage or off, her expertise makes her a true standout.

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