BETA Healthcare Group provides professional liability and workers’ compensation coverages with a full complement of patient and employee safety consulting services to hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical groups.
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Risk Management: Overview

Operating a healthcare institution or a medical practice is a complicated business. Often, the pace, paper, policies and procedures can be overwhelming. But boil it down to the essence, to the very basics, and the goals become clear: maximize patient care and safety, minimize error and claims.

The job of BETA Healthcare Group’s Risk Management Department is to help you do just that. Our educational outreach efforts and programs are designed to support the delivery of the best care possible, in the safest, most efficient way.

Our risk management services are available to all members and insureds. Healthcare teams large and small have found this valuable suite of services to be extremely beneficial.

We invite you to explore how our risk management services can work for you to help you deliver more of what truly counts: excellent patient care.

“Risk management has long been a critical function at BETA Healthcare Group. With the addition of targeted services to our members and insureds, we’re working together to identify and implement tangible ways of improving patient safety and the quality of care, while also realizing measurable reductions in member risk financing costs. It’s a smart way to operate.”

Tom Wander, CEO, BETA Healthcare Group

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