As BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) continues to partner with member organizations and healthcare providers to manage risk, we celebrate this opportunity to share the success of our members in the areas of patient safety, employee safety and risk management. BETA GEMS (Guiding Excellence Through Member Sharing) is a collegial resource that highlights both patient and employee safety best practices that have transformed BETA facilities and medical groups. The BETA GEMS newsletter, which will feature member spotlight articles, is included in the program along with an opportunity for a poster presentation and staff award at our annual risk management symposium. Sharing these “gems” to further progress safety, reliability and effectiveness of care speaks to BETA’s vision of assisting members with improving healthcare quality and safety for patients, families and employees.

At the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) National Forum in December 2016, a resolution was passed that focused on creating systems of safety. From that, a white paper was published (A Framework for Safe, Reliable and Effective Care) which laid out a practical framework for how any health care organization or system can continuously, and reliably, improve patient safety. The core domains discussed were 1) creating a culture of safety and 2) becoming an active learning system.

BETA GEMS projects are those which speak to any of the nine components of these domains, as listed in the white paper. For your convenience, they are outlined in the “Are You a GEM?” document in the BETA GEMS Facility Information Packet. After reviewing the information, contact your BETA representative, if you believe your project is a good fit for the BETA GEMS program. You may also submit any questions you may have regarding the program to

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Have a GEM in mind?

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