Natividad Medical Center honored for maternity care

By Mike Hornick, The Californian

For the second straight year, Natividad Medical Center in Salinas has earned the BETA Healthcare Group Award of Excellence honoring the hospital’s risk-reduction measures in obstetrics and care for mothers and babies.

As a result BETA, Natividad’s liability insurance carrier, is awarding the hospital a five-percent premium renewal credit, Natividad spokesmen said Wednesday.

More than 35 hospitals were eligible to seek the award, but so far only five have received it and only four have earned it in two straight years, spokesmen said.

BACK ROW (left to right)
Tom Wander, CEO
BETA Healthcare Group

Harry Weis, CEO
Natividad Medical Center

Peter Chandler, M.D., MPH
Natividad Medical Center

Annie Herlik, Vice President, Risk Management Department
BETA Healthcare Group

Heather Gocke, Director, Risk Management Department
BETA Healthcare Group

Judy Rasmussen, Perinatal Nurse Director
Natividad Medical Center

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