BETA Healthcare Group provides professional liability and workers’ compensation coverages with a full complement of patient and employee safety consulting services to hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical groups.
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BETA's Competitive Strengths: Cost Savings

Due to our organizational structure, outstanding loss experience and strong reserves, BETA Risk Management Authority’s (BETARMA) rates are lower than the published rates of any commercial insurer offering professional liability coverage in California. Our financial success has allowed us to return dividend credits every year since 1992.

BETA keeps its rates low and stable by:

  • using 85 percent of assets to generate investment income
  • using investment income to pay administrative expenses
  • crediting profits back to members
  • maintaining strong reserve levels
  • reducing member exposures and claims through expert claims management, risk management, and underwriting
  • utilizing the tax exempt advantages of a joint powers authority

Stable and reasonable rates are another key factor affecting our financial strength. As a company that is operated for the benefit of its members, it is imperative that we keep rates as low as actuarially possible.

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