BETA Healthcare Group provides professional liability and workers’ compensation coverages with a full complement of patient and employee safety consulting services to hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical groups.
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Risk Management: One-on-One Risk Consultation

BETA Healthcare Group risk managers are experts in their field and good listeners. They can be great allies in helping your team assess a situation and determine the best way forward. Our “on-demand” services, including one-on-one phone consultations and private email exchanges, are available to all members and insureds as a benefit. Our dedicated regional teams are thorough and responsive, making consultation services our most in-demand offering.

With our risk professionals’ deep understanding of clinical risk and patient safety issues, we'll help you anticipate and navigate any risk-related issue you might face. We are able to help you and your leadership respond in a timely, well-planned manner. As a BETA Healthcare Group member or insured, this valued guidance is available via phone or email, for no added fee.

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(925) 838-6070

Central Office
(818) 242-0123

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(858) 675-7400

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