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Risk Management: Webinar Library

Click on the titles below to view the previous webinars.

Latest Webinar

A Fetal Heart Rate Tracing Practicum for Obstetric CliniciansFebruary 2015

Prior Webinars

Clinical Management

Are You Prepared to Manage Your Next Shoulder Dystocia Case?October 2009
Breathe Easy: Anesthesia Complications in OB February 2011
Bugs & Things: A Focus on Perinatal Infections December 2012
Double Trouble: Managing the Diabetic Patient October 2010
Is She or Isn't She in Preterm Labor?June 2014
Managing the Unmanageable: Critical Care Obstetrics July 2011
Medication Safety in a High Risk Environment May 2010
My Pressure’s Rising: Maternal Hypertension, Preeclampsia and DIC August 2010
Neonatal Encephalopathy: The Link Between Cause and Effect July 2010
OB & Newborn: It Isn’t Over When The Baby Is Out April 2012
Placental Pathology: An Important Defense Strategy June 2011
Power, Passage & Passenger: Managing Uterine Activity, VBAC and Uterine Rupture January 2010
Preterm Labor Management: A Review Of The Current Evidence September 2010
Raising the Bar: Continuing CompetencyMarch 2014
Safety in the Second Stage: Instrumented Delivery and Second Stage Management February 2010
Seize the Day - Recognizing and Managing PreeclampsiaOctober 2014
Statistics Sections and SafetyNovember 2013
Sticky Situations in Second StageSeptember 2013
Strategies to Address Shoulder Dystocia with Brachial Plexus Injury March 2012
The Beauty of a Bundle: Iatrogenic Prematurity and Elective DeliveryApril 2010
The Value of Community: IHI Teams Share Their ExperienceSeptember 2012
Too little too soon: Preterm Labor ManagementSeptember 2010
Trauma in Pregnancy: It’s Not Limited to the Emergency DepartmentDecember 2010
VBAC: Are We Really Back To The Future?August 2012
What’s Your Plan? Safety Strategies with Vacuum DeliveryNovember 2014
When Minutes Count: Rapid Response to Obstetrical Hemorrhage December 2009
Who is STAN: Using ST Analysis In Fetal Evaluation October 2012

Culture, Teamwork and Communication

Culture Eats Strategy: Instilling an Appetite for SafetyJanuary 2011
Dealing with Dummies: Simulation and Team Training in OBOctober 2011
One STEPP Above: A Hospital Wide Journey in Team TrainingApril 2014
Practice Makes Perfect: Communication, Teamwork and SimulationMarch 2010
PUREly Speaking: The Impact of Standardized Communication in ObstetricsAugust 2011

Fetal Strip Review

Fetal Monitor Strip Review January 2012
Fetal Monitor Strip Review April 2011
Fetal Monitor Strip Review February 2011
Pathophysiology for Fetal Monitoring StripsSeptember 2009
Strip Reviews - Strategies and Best Practices November 2009

Neonatal Topics

Cool Under Pressure: Neonatal HypothermiaNovember 2011
NEC: Etiology, Management & Prevention - A True CSIJune 2012
Obstetrics and Neonatology: A Risky BusinessJune 2010
Stop the “Line”: Neonatal Abstinence SyndromeMay 2011

Risk Management in OB

Do the Right Thing: Ethics in Perinatal ServicesDecember 2011
Human Factors and Systems Theory: Keeping Your Head in a Highly Complex EnvironmentNovember 2010
Incivility & Intimidation: Still A Safety ThreatNovember 2012
Is Talk Cheap? The Risks & Rewards of Social NetworkingJuly 2012
Medication Vulnerabilites in OB CareJuly 2013
Patients as Partners: Empowerment Through EngagementDecember 2014
Speak Clearly: Disclosure in Perinatal ServicesMarch 2011
The Dangers of DriftJanuary 2013

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